Apinya’s Picks: Travel Gear

With Spring Break coming up and summer vacation after that, now’s the time to stock up on your travel accessories. Here are our picks for the best gear we’ve used again and again on our travels.

Eagle Creek Deviate Travel Pack 85L

The coolest feature of this travel backpack is the detachable (and attachable) day pack. It’s great when you want to leave most of your stuff in your room and take just the essentials for the day’s activities. The same goes for checking in the larger pack for air travel while using the smaller one as your carry-on. It has all the staples of a great pack–plenty of space, plenty of pockets, comfortable for long hauls, and very durable, even when tossed on the roof of a chicken bus rocking back-and-forth at 50 miles per hour on a winding dirt road in Guatemala. $235 to $275

Cocoon Grid-It!

As soon as we bought our first Grid-It! we went back and ordered two more. You always end up with lots of gadgets, batteries, chargers, chicken bones, and headphones whenever you pack and this is by far the best organization solution we’ve ever used. The straps are durable and allow for any configuration you can imagine. Just load all your junk into the Grid-It! and todd the whole thing into your bag. No more digging around to find loose USB drives. $20 and up

Pacsafe Walletsafe 100

If you’ve ever had your wallet stolen in a foreign country, you know it could ruin the rest of your trip or even bring it to an end faster than a bad case of Montezuma’s Revenge. The ultimate travel wallet, the Walletsafe 100 has a discreet metal chain to hook around your belt or pant loop. Plenty of pockets and very durable, it’s worth the price alone to reduce the anxiety of worrying about your wallet whenever you walk near crowds and instead concentrate on worrying about catching communicable diseases. $33

Platypus 2 Liter Platy Bottle

The is our pick for best hiking bottle. Two liters is a good balance between just enough water and too heavy to carry, plus when it’s empty it folds flat for easy packing. The only downside is that there’s no clip–we bought an S carabiner to hook it onto our backpack. Also works delightfully with wine and other fine booze. $13

Dry Pak Alligator Wallet

Chances are you’ll get wet at some point on any trip, whether it’s from rain, the ocean, or just ending up soaked from your own tears. This tiny, waterproof bag holds just the essentials to keep important stuff dry. It works well for the beach so you don’t have to worry about leaving your cash and cards by your towel when you take a swim. $8

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